A selection of detailing accessories and tools available  to ensure you always have the right equipment to tackle all your detailing needs. In store you can find applicators, microfibre cloths, drying towels, wash mitts, specialists tools and all kinds of brushes for alloy wheels and upholstery brought to you from well known brands such as Chemical Guys, Valet Pro, Kent Car Care and EZ Detail brushes.

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Sonax Dirt Eraser

The Sonax Dirt Eraser is a Fine-pored special sponge for removing stubborn dirt deposits from plasti..


SONAX Headlight Restoration & Polishing Kit

Sonax Headlight Restoration Kit simple three step process - requires no polishing machine. STEP ONE:..


Sonax Special Brush

The Sonax Special Brush is aHandy brush with special rubber bristles to quickly and easily removing ..


Sonax Spray Bottle 600ml

Sonax Spray Bottle 600ml ·     Universal, ·   &nbs..


Sonax Super Soft Premium Microfibre Cloths 2 Pack

Sonax Super Soft Premium Microfibre Cloths 2 PackSonax Super Soft Microfibre exterior cloths are ide..


Sonax Super Soft Premium Sponge Applicators 6 Pack

Sonax Super Soft Premium Sponge Applicators 6 PackThe Sonax Super Soft Sponge ap..


Sonax Textile and Leather Brush

The Sonax Textile and leather Brush is an Ergonomic cleaning brush for the dry and wet cleaning of t..


Stoner Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool

The Original Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool. It combines an ergonomic, long reach handle and..


ValetPro Black Wax Applicator

ValetPro Black Wax Applicator is made from quality soft foam with dense tight cells enabling this ap..


ValetPro Chemical Resistant Brush Plastic Handle

The Valetpro Plastic handle chemical resistant brush just like the wooden handle version has highly ..


ValetPro Chemical Resistant Wooden Handle Brush

The first ValetPro chemical resistant brush which has been made to the highest great quality. This V..


ValetPro Dash Brush

The ValetPro Dash Brush with soft boars hair bristles is perfect for gently dusting out air vents, a..


ValetPro Large Sash Brush

The ValetPro Large Sash Brush is a soft boars hair bristle based brush. This ValetPro product is com..


ValetPro Leather Brush

The ValetPro Leather Brush with super soft nylon bristles is fine enough to get in the grain of leat..


ValetPro Long Haired Upholstery Brush

The ValetPro upholstery brush is a more practical addition to your upholstery arsenal unlike other u..