Decontamination is an important part of detailing for anyone serious about preserving and maintaining the finish of their vehicle by removing paint contaminates. Tiny metal shavings from rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout, as well as tree sap can contaminate and actually have a negative affect on painted surfaces, slowly damaging it over time. Iron Fallout Removers and Clay bars are the most widely used methods for decontamination. The most noticeable benefit of using a clay bar is the slickness and smoothness of the painted surface, allowing waxes and paint sealants to bond or adhere to the more effectively. A fallout remover is a special product aimed at decontamination that has the chemical ability to help remove iron-oxide particles from a surface without having to remove them mechanically. These particles are loosened up via a chemical reaction, turning the contaminants purple/red and allows for them to be rinsed off safely. 

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Alchemy Chemical X Iron Remover 500ml

There is nothing more satisfying than watching dirt literally slides off your wheels without you hav..


Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover 325ml

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Autoglym Magma 500ml

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Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay Kit

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Blackfire Polyclay 2

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Chemical Guys Clay Bar Heavy 100g

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Chemical Guys Clay Bar Light 100g

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Chemical Guys Clay Bar OG Original 100g

The Chemical Guys OG Clay Bar is a light-to-medium duty clay bar that makes rough vehicle paintwork ..


Chemical Guys Clay Luber 473ml

Chemical Guys Clay Luber is an ultra slick lubricant designed specifically for use with an..


Chemical Guys Decon Iron Remover 473ml

Chemical Guys Decon Pro is a revolutionary gel that removes iron deposits and contamination from pai..


Glimmermann Iron Fallout Remover 500ml

Glimmermann Iron Fallout Remover quickly and safely dissolves rusty iron residues. Dramatic bleeding..


MB14 Fallout Remover 500ml

MB14 fallout remover is an ammonium free blend containing surfactants and wetting agents which ..


Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System

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Poorboy's Clay Lube 473ml

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Poorboy's Iron Fallout Remover 3.78L

Poorboy's Iron Fallout Remover breaks up, dissolves and removes ferrous metallic iron particle conta..