Chemical Guys After Wash 473ml

Chemical Guys After Wash 473ml

Chemical Guys after wash is an advanced paintwork optical gloss enhancer and moisturiser designed to aid the drying process. The innovative paint work drying aid provides lubrication when drying any vehicle. Chemical Guys After Wash is used after the vehicle has been washed to create a streak free shine when drying the surface.  This Chemical Guys product with its hydrophobic drying technology aids in drying any surface with a micro fibre towel. After Wash releases water from the surface for a smooth finish after a wash. The unique spray formula enhances any wax or sealant coating using synthetic polymers for a brilliant shine. The advanced hydrophobic technology  of this Chemical Guys product forces water away from the surface allowing a micro fibre to absorb the maximum amount of moisture.


  • Innovative drying aid
  • Quick and easy drying
  • Hydrophobic drying technology
  • Adds lubrication to reduce scratches and swirls
  • Adds shine and gloss
  • Adds extra protection
  • Use after washing your car
  • Streak-free formula

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