Chemical Guys Limited Series 5050 Concours Paste Wax V2 Chrome & 2 Applicators

Chemical Guys Limited Series 5050 Concours Paste Wax V2 Chrome & 2 Applicators

Chemical Guys makes 5050 Concours Paste Wax so everyone can enjoy the heritage, prestige, and pride of show-car shine. Everyone has known and loved the look of natural carnauba wax for over 100 years, and only natural carnauba makes the warm wet shine that dazzles and captivates detailers, concours show car preppers, and weekend warriors.

Pure wax enhances the best reflection and shine, so 5050 Concours was, is, and always will be blended only with twice-refined double-A grade natural carnauba wax. Sometimes old ways are best, so 5050 is blended in small batches for consistent quality control then hand-poured into a traditional metal tin to preserve its freshness and effectiveness. Technology evolves over time, so Chemical Guys reformulated 5050 to better enhance and protect modern water and ceramic based clear coat paint finishes. 5050 Concours intensifies the best-loved qualities of every unique automotive color.

Spread 5050 on any paint finish to enhance, shine, and protect it against harsh UV sunlight, pollution, industrial contamination, birds and bugs, and more. Chemical Guys 5050 Concours is the coveted traditional show-car style paste wax that everyone can enjoy.


  • Signature warm and wet shine of Brazilian carnauba paste wax
  • Twice-refined for superior purity and clarity of shine and reflection
  • Hand-poured in limited production runs for superior quality control
  • Durable protection against harsh elements like UV sunlight, pollution, and contamination
  • Sealed in traditional metal can for preservation and protection of the wax
  • “Guaranteed the best paste wax at any price” by Luxury & Exotics Magazine
  • V2 formula blended for enhanced bonding and effects on modern water and ceramic based paint finishes

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