Polish & Compounds

Polish & Compounds

Car polish is a product that uses an abrasive action to remove very fine layers of top coat protection to flatten out the surface to ensure an equal reflection of light and achieve a shine, we stock various car polishes some are designed to be used by hand while others require the use of a machine polisher. Car polishes and compounds are available in different grades of abrasiveness depending on the required task, but always remember after polishing it is recommended to apply a layer of protection to the paintwork so check out our ranges of car waxes and car sealants to finish the job.

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Alchemy Dark Matter Show Glaze 500ml

Alchemy Car Care Dark Matter is a unique mix of glossing agents and oils that have been blended to b..


Alchemy Light Matter Show Glaze 500ml

ALight Matter from Alchemy, is a high gloss glaze for light coloured paints. It will hide light blem..


Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish 100ml

The Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish is a metal polish that is suitable for all types of metals and..


Auto Finesse Mint Rims Wheel Wax 100ml

The Auto Finesse® Mint Rims wheel wax protects your wheels with durable synthetic waxes, keeping the..


Auto Finesse One Step All-In-One (AIO) Compound 500ml

The ultimate one step cutting compound with the cut level of a medium/coarse compound that finishes ..


Auto Finesse Rejuvenate Pre-Wax Cleanser 500ml

The Auto Finesse Rejuvenate pre-wax cleanser is a glaze-based abrasive designed specifically to enha..


Auto Finesse Tripple 500ml

Auto Finesse Tripple is the perfect all-in-one cleaner polish. Enriched with pure Brazilian No:1 Car..


Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze 500ml

The Auto Finesse Ultra glaze is a non-abrasive acrylic polymer enriched glaze designed to enhance pa..


Autoglym Paint Renovator 325ml

Autoglym Extra Paint Renovator is part of the Autoglym high performance product range, even the most..


Autoglym Super Resin Polish 1L

Autoglym Super Resin Polish restores gloss to dull surfaces. Light scratches, swirls, stains and scu..


Autoglym Super Resin Polish 325ml

Autoglym Super Resin Polish restores gloss to dull surfaces. Light scratches, swirls, stains and scu..


Cartec Compound 5000 Fast Cutting Power 1-litre

Fast Cutting, cost effective compound for all finishes.Cartec 5000 Fast Cutting Power is a fast..


Cartec Diamond Cut 3000 Compound 1-litre

Revolutionary compound, extreme cutting power without the mess!Diamond Cut 3000 is the latest in com..


Cartec Final Cut 9000 One Step Compound 1-litre

One step compounding and polishing power.If you need a perfect finish in a short amount of time, Car..


Cartec Ultra Finish 12000 Polish 1-litre

Achieve incredible gloss without the mess! Cartec's Ultra Finish 12000 is the final polishing sta..