ValetPro PH Neutral Snow Foam 5L and Lance

ValetPro PH Neutral Snow Foam 5L and Lance

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ValetPro pH Neutral Snow Foam is a high foaming pre wash which produces a thick foam that clings to the paint surface to enable the cleaner to penetrate grime for a deep clean. Using this ValetPro product means less work to remove the excess grime and prepares the car for shampooing. PH Neutral Snow Foam was specifically designed to work on well waxed surfaces, and the pH neutral formula is an added bonus because meaning this product is safe to use on any surface.


1. Dilute. Foam lance: 1:3 / Pump Spray: 1:20. 

2. Foam the entire vehicle. 

3. Leave to dwell but not dry out. 

4. Starting from the bottom, rinse off with a pressure washer. 

Please note: this product can freeze at 5 degrees. To correct, place in a bucket of warm water until consistency returns to normal.

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