Chemical Guys Flex Sanding Pad Pink

Chemical Guys Flex Sanding Pad Pink

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The Easy Grip Hyper Flex Water Spot Sanding Block makes wet sanding quick and easy. The durable foam brick features a dense pink easy grip handle, and a pliable gray side for self-adhesive sanding sheets. The plush foam sanding block contours, bends, and adapts to different surfaces and shapes for even paint removal, ensuring superior results over traditional wet sanding methods. This sanding block is great for removing isolated scratches, bird dropping etching, water spots, and restoring headlights and tail lights. The unique wet sanding and polishing system combines an ultra-flexible semi-permeable latex membrane that accepts self-adhesive wet sanding sheets. These latex sheets simulate 2500 and 3500 grit sandpaper with a textured latex surface, not particle abrasives. Eliminating the particle abrasives from sanding sheets reduces galling and uneven scratching from the wet sanding process, and reduces the amount of time and polishing to refine marks caused by improper wet sanding. Choose the Easy Grip Hyper Flex Water Sanding Block for crystal clear headlights and perfect reflections on painted surfaces.

The Easy Grip Hyper Flex sanding system makes wet sanding easy for beginners or professionals. The versatile sanding sheets work great on optical plastics, single stage paint finishes, and clear coat paint finishes. Remove yellowing from oxidized and faded headlights to permanently restore clarity. Sand away etching from bird droppings or cooked-on water spots and restore perfect reflection to any painted finish. Wet sanding is the body shop’s secret for restoring the deepest reflection and shine before the final polishing steps on any vehicle. Sand away deeper defects and damage with the Easy Grip Hyper Flex Water Spot Sanding Block.

Normal wet sanding methods use bare hands and sandpaper, or flimsy little foam rubber sleeves to push wet sandpaper over painted surfaces. Excess fingertip pressure could easily cause uneven sanding marks and ripples in paint. The large Easy Grip Hyper Flex Sanding Block uses dual foam densities for an easy-to-grip handle, and a flexible sanding surface. The dense grip and flexible sanding foam contours to any surface, and spreads out sanding pressure and force evenly across the entire sanding sheet. This results in even sanding planes and a perfectly flat surface on any paint or optical plastic finish. Choose the Easy Grip Hyper Flex Sanding System for even and easy results every time.


  • Easy grip flexible sanding block
  • Dense pink foam hand grip for secure hold and powerful sanding
  • Plush sanding foam bends, flexes, and adapts to every curve and contour
  • Accepts self-adhesive latex sanding sheets
  • Restores headlights, repairs scratches, and removes water spots

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