Chemical Guys InstaWax 473ml

Chemical Guys InstaWax 473ml

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Chemical Guys Instawax is the perfect synergy of shine and protection. Instawax sprayable carnauba is a highly reflective Grade A carnauba infused with an ultra-durable paint sealant. This Chemical Guys product is formulated using Grade A carnauba wax and and ultra durable synthetic polymers, Instawax Carnauba spray wax delivers superior paint protection with unmatched shine with the convenience of a spray. Instawax contains the most carnauba available in sprayable form. Enriched with natural oils and gloss enhancers, Instawax increases slickness while delivering a a brilliant reflective wet mirror finish. 

Simply spray Chemical Guys Instawax to enhance shine and protect any colour paintwork in seconds. Instawax can also be used to seal paintwork against pollution. industrial fallout, dirt dust, bird droppings, insects, waterspots, brake dust and more. This chemical Guys product makes any colour paintwork appear bright and shiny with a warm wet gloss. Instawax has been designed to work with all types of waxes and sealants and can be used as a main wax coat or to enhance the look and durability of your favourite sealant or paste wax coating.


  • 100% refined Brazilian carnauba wax
  • Refined sprayable formula
  • Easy on, easy off application
  • Perfect for paintwork, glass, clear plastic lenses, metal, wheels, and more!
  • Quick curing and dust-free
  • Protection from harmful UV solar rays
  • Enhances a slick wet finish
  • Prevents water spots and contamination stains

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