Velossa Tech and Pipercross Ford Mustang GT 2015-2018 Performance Pack

Velossa Tech and Pipercross Ford Mustang GT 2015-2018 Performance Pack

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Velossa Tech big mouth snorkel (Pair) and Pipercross direct replacement high flow air filters performance pack deal.

The BIG MOUTH intake duct designed for the 2015-2017 Ford Mustang S550 chassis allows high speed air to be guided through the grille with minimal loss in total pressure and velocity. When the car is moving, the air builds up pressure in front of the grille, take full advantage of this with a BIG MOUTH ram duct. Having a smooth transitional duct allows the high pressure air to traverses through the grille opening and cavity with minimal drop in pressure. This equates to an increase in air flow and as a result, more power. Read our design and analysis slides in our gallery to get a better idea of the benefits of the BIG MOUTH!

CFD analyzed for maximum flow and minimum pressure drop, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Features include:

Maximum flow, the faster you go, the more air you get!

Perfect seal against stock flow path, ensure maximum pressure potential in your airbox

Prevents backwash of hot radiator air getting into your intake system

All colors available.

No hardware required, just remove bumper and pop in, self aligning

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