Stoner Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent 643ml

Stoner Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent 643ml

Stoner Invisible glass with rain repellent provides both superior cleaning power and long lasting repellent to shed rain, snow and ice. As a cleaner and repellent in one, this product, this product allows you to clean your glassas often as needed. There is no need to peridically remove and reapply a semi-permanent coating like other brands. Stoner Invisible Glass with rain repellent will give yoiur windshield a streak free shine plus a hydrophobic coating that displaces water faster than untreated glass. This coating will also help prevent road dirt, bugs and bird droppings from bonding to your windshield.

Ever wonder how professional and car show enthusiasts detailers make their cars and trucks look great -- in so little time? There's a secret product they've used for years, that's now available to you. Stoner car care detailing products to clean, shine, and protect their favorite vehicles, from Fords to Ferraris. Several of these, including a Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent, have recently gained national distribution through retail auto parts stores as well as the internet. Being the Ireland/Northern Ireland suppliers of car care and detailing products to car entusiasts all over Ireland/Northern Ireland with great car care prices and great customer service is our aim for all your detailing products,

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