Motorsport and Spares has been catering for the needs of car and motorsport enthusiasts in Northern Ireland and beyond since 1982, a lot has changed since then but we are still situated in the same place trying to do what we do best.

A big part of our business is based around alloy wheels, car detailing and motorsport orientated products but what we love doing and always try to prioritise is ensuring our customers feel at home in our shop and receive the service they deserve. As the basics associated with general car care like fitting wipers, changing bulbs and batteries or topping up fluids aren't so basic anymore we are always available to help in these situations or point you in the right direction. 

This website only represents a fraction of the products we stock and the services we offer but we are continually adding new lines and ranges both in store and online. In store we have a dedicated department specialising in classic car tuning and performance parts, in this department you can find expert advice on Weber carburettors, and classic Fords, we can even make up custom braided brake lines and hoses with Goodridge fittings. 

If you have time or are just curious about what we do or the products we stock please get in touch or better yet call in.


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