19" 3SDM 0.05 Silver Polished

Available Pcd: 5x100
Width: 8.5"
Sale price£1,087.92

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3SDM monoblock cast wheels are available in a number of sizes 16″ to 22″ depending on design. They are made from prime alloy ingot A356.2 aluminium. Tested to destruction at  R&D facilities, all 3SDM wheels pass rigorous Impact Test, Radial Fatigue, and Corner Fatigue before they go in to production.

3SDM polished face wheels aren’t the normal diamond cut that you see everywhere, they are “superfinished” on special turning centres so the radial lines are almost invisible before going through a seven stage aerospace pretreatment. 3SDM cast wheels have a powder clear coat on all gloss finishes.

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