19" IW Automotive FFP2 Carbon Grey Brushed

Colour: Carbon Grey Brushed
Available PCD: 5x112
Width: 8.5"
Sale price£1,206.00

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The IW Automotive FFP2 is a classic multi-spoke design inspired by motorsport. The FFP1 has a deep concave profile and lightweight fusion forged construction with Exlip extended lip profile.

Exlip is designed to highlight the outer lip ad further accentuate concave profiles without increasing overall width.

The IW Automotive FFP2 is a lightweight flow form wheel manufactured using IW FusionForged™ and Motioncast™ technologies, designed to enhance modern high performance vehicles.

Available in a variety of finishes, widths and fitments, come compete with free fitting kit. Get in touch for prices and details....

Staggered width sets or wider sets are an additional cost, price is for 4 x 8.5" wheels only.

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