Bouncer's Sherbet Fizz 100ml

Bouncer's Sherbet Fizz 100ml

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Bouncer’s Sherbet Fizz Car Wax is a "core wax" in the Bouncer’s line of hand-crafted car waxes. This oil-intensive, buttery-soft wax is designed to create a fluid, wet gloss on vehicles of all colours. Bouncer’s Sherbet Fizz Car Wax applies without a fuss and buffs off to reveal crisp, clear reflections and a multi-dimensional shine. Bouncer’s Sherbet Fizz Car Wax is crafted entirely by hand in Buckinghamshire UK.

Bouncer’s Sherbet Fizz Car Wax is comprised of natural waxes and oils that are designed to blanket your vehicle with a fluid, wet gloss. If your vehicle’s paint has metallic flake present, Bouncer’s Sherbet Fizz Car Wax will maximize its dimension-adding effect. Bouncer’s Sherbet Fizz Car Wax is arguably one of the most flexible car waxes available! Use it on dark colours, light colours, metallic flake, or anything else that benefits from added gloss and protection!

Bouncer’s Sherbet Fizz Car Wax provides exceptional resistance to UV rays and environmental contaminants. This easy on, easy off car wax is effortless enough its in application that anyone can use it. Bouncer’s Sherbet Fizz Car Wax will amaze you with the tight water beads it creates when wet. Get in your car after a rainstorm and water will roll right off, leaving your paint clean and glossy once again!


- Absolute 'must have' in any detailers armour.
- Handmade and Handpoured to a unique blend in the UK.
- Can be used on all paint colours offering stunning results
- High Spec Blend with full T1 grade Carnauba and specialist oils.

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