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The name says it all: “Celeste Dettaglio” is Italian for “Heavenly Detail.” Working with Chemical Guys Celeste is a detailer’s dream come true, easy spreadability, short curing time, and easy buffing and wiping—all with brilliant deep shine and glowing clarity. Everyone who works with Celeste Dettaglio falls instantly in love with the refined paste wax for its shine, clarity, ease of use, beautiful smell, and glowing finish.

Spread a thin, even coat of Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio over darker paint colours like black, gunmetal grey, British racing green, purple, darker blues, burgundy, wine, and chocolate brown finishes. The pure white carnauba enhances a brilliant wet shine with deep gloss and a “cooler” finish than the “warmer” coloring of unbleached yellow carnaubas. White carnauba also has the added effect of full pop and clarity on metallic flecks in any painted finish. Maximize the brilliant sparkle and shine of metallic paintwork, and stand out from the crowd anywhere you drive. Choose Celeste Dettaglio for maximum clarity, shine, and pop on any dark and brilliant metallic luxury car.

Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Luxury Paste Wax: Where passion meets refinement. Detailers around the world wanted a natural paste wax for shine and glow like no other on dark and metallic paint colors. Chemical Guys blended ultra-refined all-natural white grade A carnauba paste wax with natural fruit oils, nut extracts, and locally sourced beeswax. The unique blend delivers true deep wet brilliant shine. Celeste Dettaglio is hand-crafted perfection with a twist: No synthetic additives or fillers,; just pure refined waxes and oils to enrich paint and maximize shine. Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio is formulated with nature’s highest-quality ingredients to deliver the most incredible shine.

Nothing beats a warm natural carnauba glow. Only the best and most-refined carnauba can offer the deep, warm glow that will set your vehicle apart on the concours. Celeste Dettaglio is the perfect choice for enhancing gloss and increasing the level of protection for your vehicle’s paint. Formulated without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives, it adds nothing but shine, gloss, and depth to any painted finish. The only extra leveling agents and gloss enhancers come from natural fruit and nut extracts that increase shine and promote spreadability for ease of use by any detailer, enthusiast or professional. Natural beeswax promotes durability and helps ensure one coat of Celeste lasts for up to half a year with just one application.


  • All natural pure white paste wax
  • Secret blend of natural carnauba, beeswax, and specialty fruit and nut oils
  • Make any dark and metallic fleck paintwork shine and glow
  • Durable protection against the elements that ruin shine
  • Repels dirt, pollution, water, and UV solar rays
  • Perfect for black, green, blue, and metallic paint finishes
  • Adds protection to polished metals, chrome, wheels, glass, and headlight plastics
  • One coat protects and shines for up to half a year

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