Chemical Guys Decon Iron Remover 473ml

Chemical Guys Decon Iron Remover 473ml

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Chemical Guys Decon Pro Fallout Remover is a revolutionary gel that removes iron deposits and contamination from paintwork and wheels. The only way to truly remove iron particles from your vehicle is by using Decon Pro. The pH balanced gel safely removes iron particles from the surface of any vehicle.

Chemical Guys Decon Pro is designed to release iron particles such as brake dust, rail dust, ferrous metals and industrial contamination. Iron deposits can corrode on wheels and paintwork and cause paint and clear coat failure. Decon pro eliminates the iron deposits by cleaning the surface pores to preserve paintwork and wheels. The sprayable gel cleaner easily removes heavy brake dust and road grime to restore wheels.

Easily removes ferrous brake dust to protect wheels from further corrosion. The special catalyst in Decon Pro turns purple when the cleaner has finished removing iron particles from the surface. Decon Pro highlights ferrous iron contamination which can be easily rinsed away with clean water. Decontaminate paint and metal and remove iron deposits from any vehicle with Chemical Guys Decon Pro...


  • Reacts with iron deposits to neutralize bond with porous surfaces
  • Formula neutralizes the reactions that cause rust and paint failure caused by hot brake dust particles
  • Iron catalyst turns purple once reaction is complete
  • pH-balanced formula safe for all wheel types, gloss paint, clear coat finishes, polished metal, chrome, and glass
  • Add to wheel-cleaning arsenal to remove toughest stuck on brake dust and contaminants
  • Finish the car wash process with DeCon Pro, then follow up with clay bar service for thorough decontamination during a full detail

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