Mammoth All-White Waffle Weave Microfibre Glass Cloth

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The All White Glass Waffle Weave Towel is a glass cleaning towel with a difference. With a fine waffle weave construction, the All White Glass towel is engineered for cleaning rather than drying.

Manufactured from thousands of tiny microfibres, the All White glass towel lifts and traps dirt and moisture, while gently buffing the surface to a shine. With each wipe across your glass, the material actually attracts particles that may be left behind by lesser quality microfibre cloths.

Just dampen your towel with water or your favourite glass cleaner to clean your glass inside and out. The plush All White towel holds seven times its own weight in moisture.

Another attribute is the magnetised nature of the cloth towards dust. With each wipe across your glass, the material actually attracts particles that may be left behind by lesser cloths. This all adds up to a superior outcome on your windscreens and windows.

We always recommend using a non-ammonia based glass cleaner to give you a streak-free, haze-free shine.

Size: 40mm x 60cm

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