Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax 1.89L

Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax 1.89L

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Mothers Carnauba Wash & Wax is the quick and easy way to clean, shine and protect your paint, used between regular waxing, Carnauba Wash & Wax easily dissolves and removes stubborn road grime and dirt, all while boosting your existing wax - giving you that “just waxed” look and feel. Mothers Carnauba Wash and Wax is a powerful, ultra-sudsy, biodegradable and pH balanced shampoo, this wash & wax has it all, making the perfect addition to a well-maintained finish. Featuring an environmentally friendly formula and quick rinse, you’ll be left with a spot-free shining finish. 


  • Pour a small amount of Mothers Carnauba Wash and Wax (about 1 ounce per gallon) into a bucket and add water with hose pressure.
  • Hose off vehicle to remove loose dirt
  • Shampoo vehicle with clean sponge or wash mitt.
  • Rinse thoroughly with moderate stream of water from hose.
  • Dry with a soft, clean microfibre or terry cloth towel.

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