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Mothers California Gold instant detailer treats your paint to a Showtime sparkle that’s wet and striking, whether you want to clear a layer of dust or prepare for the judges, use Mothers Showtime Instant Detailer. Its unique formula will clean off fingerprints, smudges and dust, and hide minor imperfections and spider-webbing. Mothers Showtime Instant Detailer is designed with colour enhancers and shine fortifiers, ready whenever you need your car to look freshly detailed.


  • Shake well before and during use.
  • Spray Mothers Instant Detailer directly onto paint surface.
  • Using a soft, clean microfibre cloth spread Instant Detailer evenly.
  • Turn to a dry area of the cloth and buff dry. Always keep a dry towel handy.
  • Repeat process until vehicle is complete.
  • If product drying occurs reapply Instant Detailer to affected area and buff dry.

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