Poorboy's Aluminium and Metal Polish 473ml

Poorboy's Aluminium and Metal Polish 473ml

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Poorboy's heavy duty Aluminium and Metal Polish is a polish made to restore shine and high gloss to worn and oxidized aluminium and metal. Poorboy’s Aluminium and Metal Polish can be used by hand or machine, in sun or shade. This Poorboy’s product is silicone and wax free making it completely body shop safe. Poorboy's Heavy Duty Polish is a thick cream that gently polishes away years of built-up grime, restoring appearance of your aluminium wheels, exhaust tips, stainless steel tool box, and more! Poorboy’s World Aluminium and Metal Heavy Duty Polish doesn’t smell bad, and it’s not the least bit messy in its application.

Directions: By hand apply a small amount of Poorboy's Aluminium and Metal Polish to a cotton terry towel. Rub the Aluminium and Metal Polish ion a back and forth motion until a smooth non-binding surface is achieved. Remove oxidised residue with a soft cotton or microfibre cloth. By machine, apply a small amount of Aluminium and Metal Polish a wool or foam pad or buffing ball and work into the finish. Remove oxidised residue  with a soft cotton or microfibre cloth. Poorboy' Aluminium and Metal Polish pulls out oxidation and grime yielding better results with every application. For best results, finish off with Poorboy's Chrome Polish for the highest possible clarity and shine.

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