Poorboy's  Bug Squash Remover 473ml

Poorboy's Bug Squash Remover 473ml

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Poorboy's bug squash remover is the fast, safe and easy way to remove bug debris, tar, road grime and winter salt and sand. Bug Squash remover is great on cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles. This Poorboy's product can be used as pare-wash or directly on glass, clear coats, paint, aluminium, plastic, vinyl and more. 

Poorboy's world Bug Squash can be used in a 1:3 ratio for normal use or undiluted for heavily soiled vehicles.

Directions: Use on a cool surface. Do not allow Poorboy's Bug Squash to dry on the surface. For Normal use, dilute Bug Squash 3:1, 3 parts being water. For older bugs, or heavily soiled vehicles , use it undiluted or less diluted. As a pre-wash rinse vehicle, then spray on bugs, tar, etc. Start your normal wash routine and wash vehicle from top to bottom. For direct use, spray on bugs, let stand for 30 seconds then wipe off or rinse with high pressure.

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