Poorboy's Chrome Polish 473ml

Poorboy's Chrome Polish 473ml

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Poorboy's World Chrome Polish is perfect for bringing your chrome back to its original ouster and shine. Utilising a micro-abrasive formula, Poorboy's Chrome Polish works with the media it is being applied with such as cotton or microfiber towels. Poorboy's Chrome Polish brings back shine and lister without installing scratches that are unable to be removed from plated surfaces like chrome.

Directions - By hand, apply a small amount of Chrome Polish to a cotton terry towel. Rub the Chrome Polish in a back and forth motion until a smooth non-binding surface is achieved. Remove haze with a soft cotton or microfibre cloth. By machine, apply a small amount of Poorboy's Chrome polish to a foam pad or foam buffing ball and work into finish. Finally remove haze with a soft cotton or microfibre cloth.

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