Poorboy's Clay Lube 473ml

Poorboy's Clay Lube 473ml

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Poorboy's Clay Lube has been designed specifically with ease of use in mind. The Poorboy's formula provides excellent lubricity for clay bars or clay towels, significantly reducing the risk of marrying from clay. This Poorboy's product eliminates the need to wash after claying, with this clay lube the vehicle is ready to be polished.

Directions - Spray a liberal amount of the Poorboy's Clay Lube to working surface, we recommend working on a 2 x 2foot section at a time. Simply slide the clay bar or clay towel over the area that has been coated with the Clay Lube in a back and forth, up and down motion. Apply additional lube if you feel that the clay is sticking to the surface. After the surface has been clayed, wipe away excess lube with a new, soft microfibre towel.

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