Poorboy's Master Cut 473ml

Poorboy's Master Cut 473ml

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Poorboy's Master Cut is a professional grade heavy duty compound. Master Cut contains no wax or silicone, it is body shop safe, great for detailers or perfectionists and for vehicles new or old. It can be used on clearcoats and all paints. Master Cut is for machine use only. It is body shop safe and does not contain fillers. Master Cut has a long work time, which makes for safe and easy removal of swirls, scratches,oxidation, and over-spray.

Directions - Apply a thin bead of Poorboy's Master Cut to a foam pad or directly onto the paint's surface. Polish using light pressure and continue until Master Cut starts to dust slightly. Buff with a clean, soft microfibre cloth by hand. There should be a light haze at this point, which is perfectly normal. For finishing SSR2 and/or SSR1 are recommended.

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