Poorboy's Professional Polish 473ml

Poorboy's Professional Polish 473ml

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Poorboy's World Professional Polish is a specially formulated product for the professional as well as bodyshops and perfectionists. This special Poorboy's formula has no wax and no silicone and totally body shop safe. Poorboy's Professional Polish can be used in the sun or shade and removes oxidation, road grime and returns the surface back to it's original smooth, shiny and easy to maintain finish. Professional Polish will also remove fine scratches, swirl marks, bird dropping and water stains. Professional Polish can be used on freshly painted surfaces as a final polish (usually from wet/dry sanded 2000 grit). I is safe on all paints, clear coats, plastics, headlights and glass. Professional Polish can be applied by hand, buffer or professional polisher and can be used on all types of metals as a de-oxidiser and restorer including aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel, gold, silver, chrome and lead.

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