Poorboy's Spray and Gloss 473ml

Poorboy's Spray and Gloss 473ml

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Poorboy's World Spray and Gloss will enhance and add gloss to any finish. Spray and Gloss has light cleaning abilities to remove light dirt, dust, fingerprints as well as fresh water spots from rain or washing while leaving the finish with a high gloss shine. This Poorboy's product can be used in sun and shade. Vehicles with heavier dirt deposits Spray and wipe would recommended.

Directions - Spray a light mist of Poorboy's Spray and Gloss onto the surface, using a soft, dry microfibre towel buff off in a back and forth motion turning the cloth often, until a brilliant clear shine appears. Spray and gloss may also be used on a wet vehicle as a drying aid to dry and shine in one easy step.

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