Poorboy's SSR-2 Mild Abrasive Swirl Remover 473ml

Poorboy's SSR-2 Mild Abrasive Swirl Remover 473ml

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Poorboy's SSR-2 is a professional grade mild abrasive containing no wax or silicone. SSR-2 is body shop safe and great for detailers and perfectionists on new and old vehicles a like. SSR-2 can be safely used on clear coats and all paints and applied by hand or machine, in sun or shade. SSR-2 removes light swirls, fine scratches, oxidation and overspray from all finishes. The unique cleaners and mild abrasives SSR-2 breakdown quickly to remove swirls, scratches and contaminants from the surface of the finish.

Directions - Apply a small amount of SSR-2 to the paints surface or evenly around a foam pad. Spread SSR-2 over a small section before starting machine to reduce fling. Polish using light pressure and continue until SSR-2 starts to dust slightly. Buff with a microfibre towel by hand to finish. 

For deeper swirls or scratches try SSR-2.5 a medium abrasive formula and for final finishing you may also try Poorboy's Professional Polish, Polish with Carnauba or Polish with Sealant.

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