Poorboy's Super Slick and Foam Pre-Soak Shampoo 946ml

Poorboy's Super Slick and Foam Pre-Soak Shampoo 946ml

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Poorboy's Super Slick and Foam is a foaming pre-soak car wash shampoo that produces a slick layer of foamy suds that clings. Slick and Foam starts the car wash process off right by loosening and lifting dirt and grime from the surface. This Poorboy's product makes the car wash process safer by providing extra lubrication for the wash mitt. Best Results are obtained when vehicle is pre-soaked with Super Slick and Foam before a bucket wash with Super Slick and Suds or super Slick and Wax.Super Slick and Foam snow foam makes a great car wash pre-soak any time of the year and is the ideal minter car wash to loosen, salt grime and mud.

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