Poorboy's White Diamond Show Glaze 473ml

Poorboy's White Diamond Show Glaze 473ml

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Poorboys World White Diamond is an easy on, easy off light colour paint glaze that cleans and fills swirl marks to leave a brilliant glossy and slick show car shine. White Diamond is designed for detailers, enthusiasts or people with new or well maintained cars looking for an easy way to hide light swirls and the normal everyday wear and tear or driving. This Poorboy's product can be applied by hand or machine with relatively little effort. White Diamond can be applied as often as needed to create a super slick and shiny surface. Vehicles with deep scratches or heavy oxidation products from the SSR range may be required prior to using White Diamond. Poorboy's World White Diamond can also be topped with waxes or sealants for a deeper, wetter and longer lasting shine.

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