Torq 10FX Orbital Polisher

Torq 10FX Orbital Polisher

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The TORQ10FX combines the power and precision demanded by professionals with the comfort and intuitive controls dreamed of by enthusiasts. Anyone can use the TORQ10FX to polish paint, remove swirls and scratches, spread wax and sealant, scrub carpets and seats, remove water spots, restore headlights, clean upholstery, and so much more. The TORQ10FX finishes any detailing task in less time and with better results than inferior machines or going by hand.

To create the 10FX, TORQ engineers blended Precision Power (P²) motor and gearing with an intuitive digital User Interface (UI). The result was a machine with smooth Harmonious Balancing (HB), and vibration reduction technology for an unmatched user experience. Digital speed controls transmit every bit of power from the 700W motor at 6 distinct speed settings for precise control on sensitive or intense detailing jobs. Smooth startup and power engagement ensures better control and reduces product sling and accidents. The innovative design of the TORQ10FX takes detailing to the next level. No other machine combines the power, smoothness, and intuitive ease-of-use like the TORQ10FX. Superior build materials, smooth power engagement startup, internal component layout, and smooth operation ensure the TORQ10FX lasts for years of reliable detailing use. Upgrade to the one machine preferred by detailing professionals and hardcore enthusiasts.

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