ValetPro Dragons Breath Wheel Cleaner

ValetPro Dragons Breath Wheel Cleaner

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ValetPro Dragon’s Breath is a specialist pH neutral wheel cleaner that reacts with the iron contamination within brake dust to produce a brilliant red bleed from an otherwise colourless gel, showing you that it’s working. More importantly, this chemical reaction also turns iron into a water soluble solution which makes it easy to rinse away baked on brake dust. ValetPro Dragon’s Breath will easily clean general road grime away without a need for agitation, however the stubborn baked on brake dust may still require some agitation for the best results.


1. Spray into wheel. 

2. Leave to dwell but not dry out. 

3. Rinse off thoroughly with a pressure washer. 

4. If necessary, reapply, agitate with a wheel brush and rinse thoroughly.


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