ValetPro Purple Passion 500ml

ValetPro Purple Passion 500ml

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ValetPro Purple Passion has been specifically designed to improve the paint finish prior to waxing. This valet pro product deep cleans the paintwork, removing attached deposits not removed by washing. Purple passion also effortlessly removes light marring from the paint surface and enhances gloss and durability. 

Directions -By Hand: 

1. Apply two pea-sized blobs to a polish applicator . 

2. Spread thinly across a panel and, using moderate pressure, work into the paint with back and forth motions. 

3. Buff residue with a clean microfibre cloth . 

4. Repeat is paintwork requires further attention. 

Directions -Via Dual Action Polish:

1. Apply a cross shape of Purple Passion to a polish compound pad. . 

2. Working a panel at a time, wipe the Machine Pad over the panel. 

3. Using a low speed, spread the product over the work area. 

4. Using a higher speed, work product into paint in hatched back and forth motions. 

5. Buff residue with a clean microfibre cloth. 

6. Repeat if paintwork requires further attention.


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