Wynn's Dash and Display Cleaner 500ml

Wynn's Dash and Display Cleaner 500ml

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Wynn's Dash and Display Cleaner is a water-based product especially formulated to provide an immaculate and durable finish of the vehicle dashboard and liquid crystal, plasma, etc. displays. It is especially suitable to clean fingerprints on touchscreens. Its exclusive additive eliminates all types of dirt and it has no incompatibilities with the materials commonly used in dashboards nowadays.


• Excellent cleaning of sensitive surfaces without scratching.

• Free of ammonia, perfumes and solvents.

• Removes dirt, dust, grease, footprints and nicotine and cleans thoroughly without leaving residue.

• Its anti-static effect provides a surface free of dust and dirt.

• Suitable for use on all types of plastic surfaces and flat and plasma screens: computers, mobiles, laptops, tablets, televisions, scanners, photocopiers, etc.

• Compatible with delicate surfaces such as coated screens (e.g. anti-reflective coatings) according to our knowledge and experience. It is recommended in any case always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the device to be cleaned.

• Biodegradable.

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