Wynn's Professional Extreme Petrol Cleaner 500ml

Wynn's Professional Extreme Petrol Cleaner 500ml

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Wynn's Petrol Extreme Cleaner is a chemical treatment for petrol engines which provides a strong one tank clean up of the petrol system and also protecting the engine when using bio Fuel E10 and E85

Benefits of Wynn's Professional Extreme Petrol Cleaner:


.Complete and rapid cleaning of the entire fuel system in one tank filling.
.Instantly cleans and lubricates the injectors, restores and maintains ideal injector spray pattern.
.Prevents clogging on EGR.
.Restores engine performance, provides a regular idle and avoids starting problems.
.Removes combustion chamber and inlet valves deposits.
.Increases operational reliability and economy.
.Meets Euro 5/Euro 6 standards.
.EN228 compatible.
.Harmless for all after-treatment systems.


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