Car Washing Accessories in Northern Ireland

At Motorsport and Spares, we are renowned for being the largest aftercare automotive parts and car accessory specialist in Northern Ireland. We offer an extensive range of car accessories and aftercare products from our store in Ballymena

Washing & Drying Car Accessories and Products in Northern Ireland

Maintaining your car’s appearance is essential for aesthetic reasons, but it is also crucial for your vehicle's overall health and lifespan. Your vehicle’s exterior is constantly exposed to external forces such as harsh weather conditions, dirt, and bird droppings. 

These can be dangerous for the car’s paint and body, so using good tools and accessories is essential when maintaining your vehicle. As a car washing accessory specialist in Northern Ireland, we know a thing or two about choosing the right products for your vehicle. 

Car Washing Dryers in Northern Ireland 

We are proud to partner with Blo Dryers, supplying their products to a wide range of customers across Northern Ireland. These are compact car dryers that pack a punch. As one of the most powerful car washing accessories on the market, the Blo Dryer has the power to get water out of the finest cracks. 

At Motorsport and Spares, we offer a range of Blo Dryer products including

  • Blo Car Dryer - Air GT 
  • Blo Car Dryer - Air RS 
  • Blo Car Dryer - Air S

Car Accessory Specialists - Car Shampoo 

A high-quality car washing shampoo is the first essential tool you must have for your car washing process. These products are specially formulated to break down and remove dirt, grime and other contaminants from your car’s exterior without damaging the paintwork or shine. Customers often report damage to paint and protective waxes when using dish soap and other household cleaners to shampoo their cars. 

As a trusted car washing accessory specialist in Northern Ireland, we are proud to offer one of the most esteemed car washing shampoos on the market by the Chemical Guys. The pH balance of your car soap is vital as the pH must be natural - between 6 and 8. This level will not damage your wax or paintwork. 

HydroSuds’ range of products are carefully created to combine a hyper-foaming pH, along with the high-gloss shielding properties of Si02. Revitalise your car cleaning process today with the Chemical Guys’ extensive range at Motorsport and Spares today. 

  • HydroSuds Ceramic Car Wash 
  • Citrus Wash and Gloss 
  • GlossWorkz Autowash 
  • Mr Pink Superior Suds Shampoo
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Insta Wax
  • Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover 

Choosing the right car accessories - Drying Cloths 

Another tool that is important when cleaning your vehicle is a high-quality drying towel. 

A soft, microfiber drying towel is an important aspect of the car washing process. These tools are essential to prevent scratches or streaks on the car's exterior surface. We recommend avoiding regular towels or chamois as they often leave behind lint or scratches on the body of your car. 

We have a great range of microfibre drying towels available now at Motorsport and Spares.