John Brown Wheels at Motorsport & Spares

Choosing the right wheels for your vehicle can be confusing, but it is important. At Motorsport and Spares in Northern Ireland, we supply a wide range of alloy wheels to ensure you find the right fit for your car. 

John Brown Wheels are currently a favourite amongst our customers at Motorsport and Spares. They are a Warwickshire-based company with over 50 years of experience that specialise in manufacturing high-quality alloy wheels across the UK and Northern Ireland. 

You should consider many elements before purchasing alloy wheels for your car.


1. Compatibility

Your alloy wheels should be fully compatible with your vehicle. They might result in extra costs if you purchase the wrong alloy wheel - not to mention frustrating. Before purchasing, you should also consider whether your alloy wheels are compatible with your vehicle's brakes, suspension and body.


2. Load Rating 

It is also important to ensure that your alloy wheels of choice are compatible with the weight of your vehicle. 

Certain alloy wheel products tend to be heavier than others. This affects your car's suspension, meaning your car has to work harder than ever to regain grip over bumps, ultimately worsening your car’s handling.


3. The style of your wheels 

Alloy wheels are a great way to enhance the overall appearance of your car or vehicle. You must select an alloy wheel style that complements your car and makes you proud to drive it. After all, new alloy wheels are an investment. Make sure you feel proud to own them.


4. Brand Reputation 

The reputation of the brand you choose for your alloy wheels is another important factor to consider. John Brown is a popular brand choice amongst our customers at Motorsport and Spares, as well as Veemann and AutoStar.


5. Price 

At Motorsport & Spares, we are proud to offer alloy wheels for an extremely affordable price. Our John Brown Wheels specifically are well-priced in line with the quality of the product.


Discover John Brown Wheels at Motorsport & Spares today

Having been a key competitor in the world of alloy wheels for a long time, John Brown Wheels offer extremely high-quality products to bring your car to the next level. 

We are proud to offer an extensive range of John Brown Wheels at Motorsport & Spares. 

  • JBW Minilight 
  • JBW Rosepetal 
  • JBW Mamba 
  • JBW Cosmic 
  • JBW OS4 
  • JBW Revolite 
  • JBW Starmag 
  • JBW Rally
  • JBW Sawtooth

Get in touch with us today for advice and information on your alloy wheels 

Discover John Brown Wheels today at Motorsport and Spares. If you have any questions about choosing your alloy wheels, get in touch with us!