Wheel Spacers Mercedes 5x112 - 66.6 bore 10mm


Wheel Type: Original Style Wheels
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Pair of Wheel Spacers, suitable for Mercedes 5 stud and 10 extended wheel bolts. These wheel spacers are designed without a hubcentric lip to allow fitment on older mercedes models which have an extended axle stub on the front wheels which will not allow the fitment of other lipped hub centric wheel spacers.

Please select the wheel type which is to be spaced out, original Mercedes and replica Mercedes style alloy wheels utilise a radius style bolt, whereas after market alloy wheels mostly utilise a tapered or conical design bolt. If you are unsure of this option please get in contact.

Depth - 10mm

Total track widening - 20mm

PCD - 5x112

Centre bore - 66.6

Kit contains - 2 x spacers and 10 extended wheel bolts

Hubcentric Wheel spacers are used to "space" the wheel out from the hub and are usually installed to give the car a wider track to fill the arches better for improved appearance.

However, wheel spacers come in two types, flat, and hub centric. Wide flat spacers should be avoided. Yes they are cheaper, but as they are flat, all the load of the car is held by the wheel bolts. Hub centric spacers have a lip in the centre similar to the one on the OEM hub. This lip bears the weight as the original hub would, not the bolts, eliminating steering shakes. Hub centric spacers are therefore much safer. Spacers less than 10mm are usually flat, but wider than 10mm, we recommend always using hub centric spacers.

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